Prevention Connections is a program of the Family Guidance Center of Warren County that provides substance use prevention services to youth, adults, and senior citizens living in Warren County. Our program facilitates evidence-based substance use prevention initiatives derived from state and federal grants we have earned.

Our initiatives:

  • Regional Coalition: The Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities seeks to create environments that support healthy lifestyle choices among people of all ages. We deliver prevention education to professionals and community members on the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, vaping, opioids, and other illegal substances.
  • Drug-Free Communities (DFC): Through this grant, the Warren Hills Coalition delivers prevention education, awareness campaigns, and initiatives throughout the Warren Hills sending district from grades 5th– 12th. The goal is to reduce the prevalence of substance use among young people and increase an understanding of the dangers associated with substance use.
  • Outreach and Community Education for Young Athletes (TOPS): our mission is to educate and provide prevention tips for the misuse and use of opioids and other drugs among young athletes in Warren County.
  • Community Prevention of Cessation Services: our highly trained program facilitators work with youth, educators, and community members to educate them on the health risks of tobacco use.
  • Partnership for Success: This program is designed to increase knowledge and reduce underage drinking, marijuana use and misuse of prescription drugs/opioids by youth ages 9 – 20 throughout NJ.

Available Services:  

  • Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS)
  • Alcohol and drug prevention presentations for schools, nursing homes, and events
  • Drug and tobacco prevention as well as stigma-free school-based youth groups
  • Life Training Skills

For more information about Prevention Connections please contact us at

(908) 223-1985.