The Family Guidance Center of Warren County is seeking qualified volunteers to serve on our Board of Trustees or on a committee of the Board. The primary qualifications are a genuine interest in the mission and work of our agency, the populations we serve and a willingness to volunteer your time, knowledge, expertise and support to our community behavioral health care center.

As a private, non-profit organization our Board of Trustees acts as the governing body for our agency providing oversight of the fiscal, programmatic and service delivery functions of our agency to insure adherence to the mission and purpose of our work and role in the Warren County community. The Board of Trustees and its committees also address strategic planning, policy making, fund raising and advocacy functions for our agency in conjunction and partnership with the Executive Director and senior leadership staff.

We are looking for volunteers who are representative members of the Warren County community to provide input and feedback to keep our agency in touch with community needs for mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention services. Members of the clergy, community leaders, business leaders, government workers, political representatives and family members are just a few of the various sectors of our community affected by mental health and substance abuse disorders that can provide first hand information and advocacy about community needs.

We are also seeking volunteers with areas of expertise that can help guide and benefit the business operations of our Center in areas such as finance, legal services, human services, information technology, marketing, and fundraising. Volunteers are needed for our Board of Trustees or just to serve on a Board committee focusing on areas such as strategic planning, finances, marketing and development, and human resources.

More than 25% of Warren County residents will be directly affected by a mental health or substance abuse disorder at any given point in time during our lifetimes. However, the impact of these disorders reverberates throughout our entire community and society affecting family members, employers, law enforcement and the rising costs of health care. You can help the Family Guidance Center of Warren County make a difference in the lives of our residents and their families affected by their disorders and in the quality of life in our community through your volunteer support of our mission and work.

To find out more about joining our Board of Trustees or a Board committee, please call (908-689-1000) or email ( our Executive Director, Michele Eichorn, who will send you additional information on our organization and schedule a personal appointment at your convenience.