Peter Bradford 

We are happy to welcome to the Family Guidance Center Rev. Peter Bradford, RN, BSN, MTS. Rev. Bradford is board member here at the Family Guidance Center and is our Clergy Liaison for Warren County. He is available to all clergy, faith based communities and congregations in Warren County to better assist them to access our services here at the Family Guidance Center.

Rev. Bradford has an experienced professional history as a nurse in mental health, drug and alcohol dependence, hospice and Alzheimer’s care. His ordination credentials are with the Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America with his Master’s degree in Theological Studies. Having served a number of congregations and hospitals he offers a wealth of experience and valuable insight regarding the challenges Faith Communities in Warren County are presently facing.

If you would like to know more regarding our Clergy & Congregational support in Warren County please contact the Family Guidance Center at 908-689-1000 and or Rev. Peter Bradford at 908-303-5237 (cell-phone).

For Mental Health Crisis call our Emergency Services 24-Hour Crisis Hot Line at