The Family Guidance Center is seeking individuals for membership on the Board of Trustees. Members must reside in or have a primary interest (e.g., a business) in Warren County. The Board holds its regular meetings on the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM. Anyone interested should call Dana Deacon at 908-689-1000.  For additional information CLICK HERE.


Glen Welch

Glen Welch is a risk management professional and has focused most of his career on providing tools for family business owners who have the determination to build successful independent businesses.  Today, he along with his brother own and operate a company called Charter Partners. They along with their team continue their commitment to advancing the independent family businesses.

Glen has a bachelor of Business Administration degree from St John’s Universality School of Risk Management in NYC. He has lived in and around Warren County his entire life. He currently lives in Port Murray, NJ where he and his wife raised four children.

He first joined the Family Guidance Center Board of Directors shortly after college in the mid 1980’s.  He has been on and off the board (mostly on) ever since. He has served in all the Board positions and currently as President.

“I have witnessed a number of changes throughout my 30 years of association with the Family Guidance Center of Warren County.

We have grown considerably while delivering our mission of providing services to the residents and families of Warren County. We have added locations and expanded facilities to keep pace with the needs of our community. But what has not changed is the commitment and dedication of the staff who individually and collectively provide these services everyday one person, one family at a time.

I feel privileged and proud to be a small part of the valuable services provided by Family Guidance Center of Warren County.”


Jeffrey Guidette, Vice-President

Jeff Guidette has been a New Jersey resident since 1980 and a Warren County resident since 2000. During this period, he was employed by BASF Corporation and retired in 2003 as a Senior Vice President. During his time in NJ he served as a member of the Board of Trustees of various non-profit organizations including the Warren County Family Guidance Center.

Jeff is married. He has three adult children, a son and two daughters, five grandchildren and two step-daughters.

He is especially passionate regarding his involvement with the WCFGC due to the organization’s ability to serve in excess of 5000 Warren County residents per year requiring treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, mental health disorders and various other conditions. This assistance is provided regardless of ability to pay by highly trained and dedicated professionals. Each year WCFGC realizes a 95 percent rate of client satisfaction in helping to resolve these problems.


Susan Eiler, Treasurer

Susan is a Human Resources professional with 20+ years of experience in the areas of learning and development, talent management, and employee relations. She joined her current employer, Tyco, in November 2014, as a Senior Manager, Learning Solutions. Prior to joining Tyco, she worked for PPL Corporation, VWR International, Benjamin Moore & Co., Aon Consulting and the County of Warren, NJ.

Susan holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Centenary College in New Jersey and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. Susan resides in Coopersburg, PA.

Susan Eiler joined the Family Guidance Center’s Board of Trustees in December 2008. Susan was born and raised in Washington, NJ and continues to support the Warren County community through her volunteer work with both the Family Guidance Center and the Warren County affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.


Sharon Cooper

Sharon Cooper was born in Hunterdon County and moved to Warren County as a teenager.  While in high school, she started working part time in the insurance business, where she began a life time career.  She worked at Bowers, Schumann & Welch in several positions until she became a risk management consultant, specializing in public entities. After the sale of Bowers, Schumann and Welch to Brown and Brown, Sharon remained in the public entity department, retiring from there in 2010.  In 2012, she began Public Entity Advocates with Charter Partners where they continue to specialize in schools and municipalities. During her career, she achieved several insurance designations, including the Certified Insurance Counselor, one of the highest designations in the industry.

Sharon lives in White Township with her husband, Jim.    She has one son who lives with his wife and two sons in Hatfield, Pa.

In addition to being a board member of the Family Guidance Center, she is a current member of the Board of Trustees of Stepping Stone School and a former Board member of Family Promise of Warren County and the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Crisis Center.

“Unfortunately, many of our friends and families are effected by mental illness, substance abuse or alcoholism, all illnesses that many of us don’t understand or find it very difficult to deal with on a daily basis.  Thankfully, we have a facility here in Warren County with a dedicated staff of professionals who help thousands of people in our community annually.”


Gary Albrecht, Secretary

BASF, Environmental and Logistics Associate


William Conforti

William Conforti, a longtime resident of Warren County and a former councilman in Hackettstown, has joined the Family Guidance Center’s (FGC) Board of Trustees.

Now living in Washington, Conforti resided for many years in Hackettstown and served on the town council for 14 years, retiring in 2015. He also served several years on the town’s planning board, and also served on the Hackettstown Committee for Crime Prevention for 20 years, an organization that has been a big supporter of the DARE program. DARE funds many activities for youth including dances and pool parties.

As a businessman, Conforti worked as an Information Services manager for 42 years, 30 at NY Life Insurance Company, and then with another company out of Texas.

Conforti has always had a special interest in promoting drug prevention and awareness in children.

“This is an opportunity to give back to the community some more,” said Conforti. “The FGC has been under the radar for the most part and I want to help bring better awareness of what they do to the community. They offer a lot of programs and services that can help people in need. With my experience in local government and contacts, as well as in business, I feel I can bring some things to the table that will be helpful overall.”


Reverend Peter Bradford

The Rev. Peter Bradford has been a resident of Warren County since 2000 and currently lives in Hackettstown with his wife, Cynthia and all three of his adult children in New Jersey. Peterand Cynthia’s 20 year-old daughter Sarah, who suffered through and died from a severe case of bipolar disorder is buried in Union Memorial Cemetery. Having had to go through such a difficult and tragic experience pastor, Peter, wife and family are fully aware of the need for continued supportive and professional mental health services to others in Warren County among the various faith communities and their families.

Peter is a longtime Lutheran pastor and professional nurse (RN) and currently serves as the pastor for the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Belvidere. As a registered nurse, Peterhas worked in behavioral health and hospice settings as a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse (CHPN).

Peter serves as the FGC Board of Trustees’ liaison to faith-based communities throughout Warren County. Rev. Bradford is eager to collaborate with other faith-based community leaders to provide outreach education and support on mental health and substance abuse disorder issues impacting members of all congregations.

“One of the greatest gifts we can give to each other, is rapt attention to each other’s existence.”